2023年10月18日 玛丽伯克

The Department of Education (DOE) has awarded Hardin-Simmons University (HSU) a five-year development grant equaling $2.1 million, the first-ever Department of Education grant HSU has received. The funds are from the competitive Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP) authorized under Title III and will directly impact student and post-graduation success.

Dr. Tony Morrow, Director of 学生的成绩, Dr. Vicki House, Associate Vice President for Advancement, and Mr. 迈克Monhollon, Associate Provost and Chief Data Officer, produced a compelling and detailed plan that was submitted and selected by the DOE.

“This grant will fund two big initiatives to drive students’ academic success at Hardin-Simmons,”先生说。. Monhollon, “allowing our professors to maintain the rigor in their courses and to deliver the excellence in education that is the university’s promise.”

It was determined that 34% of incoming freshmen are academically underprepared. 结果是, academically underprepared first-time freshmen students have lower average first-semester GPAs, fall-to-spring持久性, fall-to-fall保留, and graduation rates than academically prepared students. To improve all students’ academic success, 保留, 完成学位, HSU has developed the Forward Together Program, which the DOE grant will help support.

The Forward Together Program has two components: 1.) Strategic Learning Initiative (SLI) and 2.)导路(GP).

The SLI is a semester-long course dedicated to implementing the skills and habits of academic success. Students who enroll in SLI will learn the fundamental skills to adjust and succeed at university-level learning and beyond. Dr. 家解释说, “The learning delays brought on by COVID-19 have given us students who are less prepared for college than ever before. The skills developed in the SLI courses will prepare students for the demands of college work and give them the skills to persist through graduation.” The positive habits brought on by the SLI course, 比如主动学习, 时间管理, 和沟通, will be applicable throughout college and into the workforce.

GP, the second component of The Forward Together Program, is a nationally recognized strategy for improving four-year graduation rates. It includes tailored course schedules and program mapping so students maintain “program velocity” (earn 30 credits annually for a 120-credit degree program, 4年后毕业). GP ensures student courses are correctly scheduled while adjusting for students who switch majors by minimizing the excess credits amassed and not applicable to their new degree plan.

Funds from the SIP grant will go toward hiring faculty and staff to oversee the SLI and GP programs and construction costs to create designated spaces for SLI and GP meetings and conversations.

Hardin-Simmons already provides multiple resources and academic support, 比如免费辅导, 研讨会, 以及同伴导师, 赋予学生权力. The impact of the Strategic Learning Initiative and Guided Pathways programs will continue to bolster HSU as a community dedicated to providing excellence in education enlightened by Christian faith and values.


About Hardin-Simmons University

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